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Train 47 Transports Audience to Entertainment Destination

Chris Golvchenko, Rick Kingerski, and Mandy May Cheetham from Train 47 at the film's premiere at the Orillia Film Festival October 4, 2013.

Train 47, directed by Rick Kingerski and featuring Mandy May Cheetham and Chris Golovchenko, saw its world premiere at the Orillia Film Festival on October 4, 2013.  The shirt film was the first film of the first annual festival, and it lived up to its headline position.  “Train 47 was my favorite film, it was a great story,” said Joanne Hammond, an Orillia festival goer who attended with her daughter and friends.  “It was really cool to see the director and actors in the audience with us”.   The Film festival attracted just over 300 attendees and showed 23 films from Orillia and around the world.